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✞Ruminations of a Sick Mind✞

Lost souls.
Tortured souls. Searching for light in this eternal darkness.

But keep your voice down. They can hear us.

I’ve always loved the cyber-goth aesthetic, when I was like 17 I started looking into how cyber dreadlocks were made. I decided I was going to buy some kanekalon in bulk and do what it took to make myself a set. I had my step sister help me weave them in. It was such an amazing feeling. Once they were in, it was like this amazing, stand-out, do-nothing no effort hairstyle. I wanted my hair huge and long and enormous. And so it was. Not being able to really get my hair wet was a downside. And all the weight is a strain on your neck…which is always crooked when you sleep. On the bright side, you could lay down on the pavement because your hair was like a pillow.

I felt like a pharaoh. It was a huge ego boost.

1 year ago

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